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Head Teacher of Baji Association

Opettaja Lü Baochun

Lü Baochun

Lü Baochun was born in 1956. He started his martial arts studies with his father, learning Shaolinquan. When he was eight years old, his father introduced him to several martial arts masters. He has participated many times in the Beijing municipal and national championship tournaments with great success. Lü Baochun has studied several martial arts but his main interest is in the real essence of bajiquan and taijiquan.


Assistant Teachers

The following students of Lü Baochun act as assistant teachers on our courses:

Apuopettaja Ville Heikkala Ville Heikkala

Ville is one of Lü Baochun's first students in Finland. He studies Chen and Yang style Taiji and some Xingyi. If needed, Ville is a substitute teacher or an assistant in Taiji beginners' and advanced courses.



Apuopettaja Miika Wikberg Miika Wikberg

Miika is a diligent Baji student. He has earlier also practised other martial arts and is currently doing Xingyi too. Miika teaches in Baji beginners' courses and acts as a substitute and assistant in Baji advanced courses.




Apuopettaja Nils Vergi Nils Vergi

Nils is a Baji association veteran who started training in Baji among the first ones in Finland. He acts as a teacher in the Baji beginners' course.


Zhang Xuchu

Lü Baochun studied the following arts under his guidance: Xingyi, Tantui, Longxingquan, Wuqinquan, Chaquan, Bagua, Piguazhang, Bajiquan and Li-style Taijiquan.


Han Longquan

Lü Baochun was greatly impressed by the skills of Bajiquan and after a long hard search he found Han Longquan. In 1980 Lü Baochun was accepted as his indoor disciple because of his talent, diligence and high morality.


Feng Zhiqiang

Feng Zhiqiang and Lü Baochun met for the first time in 1984 in a martial arts seminar where both of them were teaching. Lü Baochun was deeply impressed by master Feng's gong fu and started to learn from him. He is one of the first 10 indoor students.


Wei Shuren

Wei Shuren met Lü Baochun in a 1986 Taijiquan festival. Ten years later Wei searched for Lü to be able to pass his knowledge on Taijiquan to him. In 1996 Lü started to learn Yang style Taijiquan from him as an indoor student.


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